CASE – biochar in Indian sugarcane industry

Indian / Pakistani business case at Aarhus University, Herning – see the pitch.

After all, it is easy to come up with an assertion of the greatness of this innovation, so you also get this info because it underpins the potential of the developed technology.

Professor Peter Lindgren, from AAU in Herning, had 23 Asian course participants for 5-6 weeks in the summer of 2019. These are highly educated university people, affiliated with the international university network CGC of which AAU is a part. Professor Peter Lindgren has developed a business development model “TheBeeBusiness” – which the course participants were introduced to, so they now have been certified to apply it to students in their home countries.

We were offered the opportunity to submit a business case in connection with their course, and we specifically asked them to work with the biochar, which is the residual product after the thermal mineralization. Below you can see their presentation.

Several of the group members are rooted in the cane sugar industry, so it became their starting point for the case.

The sugarcane industry are already potential customers because of their case work. As you can see in the pitch film, the technology fits perfectly into the sugar cane industry value chain, where energy will be the mainstay, but the biochar is a particularly useful spin-off.

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